Metaverse Challenge for Semiconductor Education

Attention students! Are you ready to revolutionize semiconductor education and leave your mark on the Metaverse? Join this competition to showcase your creativity, skills, and vision in reshaping how we learn about semiconductor chip manufacturing.

The IEEE Metaverse Initiative invites you to embark on an immersive journey into the world of semiconductor manufacturing. Through this challenge, you will leverage your knowledge and skills to create a virtual cleanroom environment in a 2D metaverse platform, showcasing the intricate steps involved in semiconductor chip fabrication.

Click here to access the Official Contest Rules.


Create a virtual cleanroom environment in a 2D metaverse platform that accurately depicts the steps of semiconductor chip manufacturing.


The competition is open to all students who are the age of eighteen (18) and above from an accredited university. Please review the Official Contest Rules for more details.


Teams may consist of one (1) to four (4) individuals. Each individual shall be on one (1) team only. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.


Register your team by 1 August 2024. 


All teams should review the following seven (7) steps as outlined in the article “Introduction to Semiconductor manufacturing”, Venus Kohli, 2023-09-13:

  • Step 1: Wafer Manufacturing
  • Step 2: Oxidation
  • Step 3: Photolithography
  • Step 4: Etching
  • Step 5: Doping
  • Step 6: Metallization
  • Step 7: Quality Control and Packaging

Use these steps as the basis for your design and simulation.

Teams are free to choose their preferred 2D metaverse platform for project development. The selected platform should support educational content creation and interactivity.

Simulate at least one of the seven (7) steps of the semiconductor chip manufacturing process within your virtual cleanroom environment.

  • Use animations, interactive elements, and educational content to enhance the experience.
  • Incorporate interactive elements to engage participants, such as clickable objects, quizzes, and collaborative activities.
  • Develop informative and accessible educational content to accompany your virtual environment, providing explanations, demonstrations, and supplementary resources.


There are two parts to your project submission:

  1. Presentation: Slide deck of up to 5 pages. The presentation should specify which of the seven step(s) of the semiconductor manufacturing process are being simulated. The presentation should include a brief description of the implementation design methods and techniques used, development platform, language, and tools. The presentation should also highlight key elements that increase engagement. Credits and citations to open source or other work should be referenced appropriately.
  2. Video: 5-7 minute long video recording in MP4 format. The video should showcase the virtual cleanroom environment, demonstrate at least one of the steps of the semiconductor process, and explain key features and functionalities.

You will need to upload your presentation and recorded video to your personal cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or others) by 21 August 2024 and email the shared link to


Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy
  • Creativity
  • Educational Impact
  • Technological Innovation
  • User Experience
  • Integration of Gamification Elements


Up to $2000.00 USD in travel funds for one team member to attend the 2024 IEEE International Symposium on Emerging Metaverse.

Awards will be given only if a suitable awardee is identified. Up to 2 awards will be given.

Important Dates

  • Register your team by 1 August 2024
  • Project submission deadline is 21 August 2024
  • Notification of evaluation result is 16 September 2024

Additional Information

For any additional information, questions, or concerns, please contact